Racism: A Sin Fought With the Devil’s Weapons

Before you read any further, I find it necessary for you to understand a few concepts. The issue and sin of racism is a hot button topic. The word itself easily evokes passion, rage, and anger. Of this passion and anger, some of it is of the righteous variety while some of it is the sinful variety. Furthermore, many of the points I am about to discuss will invoke the wicked rage birthed from the flesh. Please, be slow to passionate feelings without, first, understanding what I am saying. I truly hate racism. As pure and righteous as hatred towards sin and evil can be, that is the hatred I have for the sin of racism. Please, know that. This article is written with the aim of defeating racism. Ironically, some of you may take what I say and believe it to be racist. You, too, are mistaken. Often, out of control feelings can lead to misunderstanding and even slander. Also, when I mention words such as "kill" or "defeat" regarding sin, like racism, I mean it in a spiritual sense. I do not mean, kill a racist to kill racism. Nonetheless, read this article slowly and with a heart to understand. 

Although the sin of racism exists and must be condemned and judged by the wrath of God, it is unhelpful to categorize people as victims or oppressed groups as a way to combat the sin. There is only one way to destroy sin in the lives of an individual, black or white regeneration resulting in justification leading to sanctification. Without the Gospel, social justice becomes a pointless and vain pursuit. I rather not call Christians social justice people. It is tremendously confusing. Christians are justice people. We seek the destruction of evil and sin in the world and our souls. We do not compromise on any sin, social or personal. All sin deserves eternal wrath. Social justice as a movement seems to pigeonhole social injustices as the only sin, or at least, the greatest sin. 

In a society that increasingly lives according to non-Christian presuppositions, Christians have to, all the more, wear their Biblical presuppositions on their sleeve. This presupposition sleeve wearing will help Christians keep themselves from being caught in a strikingly unbiblical movement. Here is one presupposition. All people have sinned. Furthermore, all unregenerate people live in perpetual sin. Our sin is primarily against God and God alone. Thus, if I commit a racist sin against a black man, that sin is ultimately against God who is holy and just. We will be judged according to our sin. Here is another truth, though not explicitly stated in Scripture, but tremendously intuitive, the sin committed against me does not cancel out or diminish my guilt for my sin.

Simply put, if person A has committed ten sins, and person B comes and performs a racist act against person A, person A is still guilty of all ten sins. That is obvious. But for some reason, the world thinks otherwise. Placing person A in a victim group or oppressed group implies their innocence. Yes, they were a victim of person B's racist act, but they still are guilty before a holy God. Regardless of how many sinful acts were committed against them, their guilt will remain. Thus, it is distracting and unhelpful for them to look horizontally at everyone else's sin, instead of vertically, where they will see that they are undoubtedly guilty before God. The only way to escape guilt before God is to be found in Christ. Christ paid the penalty of death and wrath for those who believe by being their substitute on the cross. Likewise, Christ gives us, by grace, His life of righteousness through faith. That is the only way. 

Racism is a sin. Period. Racism, by definition, can be considered a social sin. Therefore, fighting for the destruction of such sin can be called social justice. Unfortunately, in Satan's scheming, he has brilliantly lumped sexuality with ethnicity, and the world loved it. Now, social justice includes LGBTQ+ and feminist rights. Christians should be quick to affirm and defend the equal honor, worth, dignity, and value of all people as created in the image of God. Furthermore, God created us as men and women as well as ethnically diverse. Thus, both men, women, black, and white are equal in honor, worth, dignity, and value before God. 

The diversity of either man or woman or black or white is fundamental to our being. We cannot change these realities, and they are not behavioral. Lesbianism and homosexuality, however, are behaviors. They are not identities or states of being. A person cannot be gay in the same way they are black. Being black is indifferent to behavior. Being black is not sinful. Being white is not sinful. Gay behavior is. It is merely a sinful, wicked expression. Period. To lump the rights for immoral behavior with ethnicity is pure lunacy. It is a master scheme from the mind of Satan to promote more sin and more division. 

With that in mind, Christians should no longer use Satan high-jacked words like social justice. To use it causes confusion and controversy. All Christians should seek the destruction of homosexuality, transgenderism, and egalitarianism. All Christians should seek the elimination of racism. Now, if the fight against racism was paired with the fight against homosexuality and abortion, then maybe we could call it social justice. But, good and evil cannot run together. 

In the pursuit of defeating racism, we cannot use the world's methods or ideas. The destruction of racism is illogical and irrational from a non-Christian worldview. Those who reject God and side for a naturalistic, physical worldview, usually believe in evolution caused by natural selection acting on random mutations. Fundamental to evolutionary theory, is that certain individuals have a higher chance of survival and reproduction based upon their genes, causing a variation in their physical expression. This physical expression (phenotype), if advantageous, results in a higher chance of survival and reproduction. Consequently, the population should change over time to express the beneficial phenotype. 

Thus, if humans – who are highly evolved animals according to naturalists – experience a selection for or against a specific color of skin, we should not be surprised nor resist it. It is merely natural selection. Many naturalists, atheists, and agnostics must live contrary to their worldview to justify fighting against racism. The Christian has the only true presupposition and worldview which can logically necessitate the fight against racism. 

The sin of homosexuality is naturally inconsistent as well. Once again, natural selection would promote the eradication of homosexuals because their sexual behavior results in no reproductive success, but results in a significantly higher chance of early death due to sexually transmitted diseases. In biological terms, their lifestyle is the definition of low fitness. Only the Christian worldview can account for the proliferation of behavior that results naturally in low fitness. Simply put, all humans are born separated from God in the flesh, and the flesh is opposed to God in all ways. Thus, if God created sex as a gift to be experienced only between one man and one woman in marriage, then the flesh would seek to pervert that good design. 

I included the previous examples to show the irrationality and incoherence in the non-Christian position. In the fight against racism, the world, led by Satan, has developed a set of tools to fight racism. These tools seem helpful to dead men, however, Satan handcrafted them not to diminish racism, but to increase it. It is no surprise that the world would adopt futile tools and instruments; they are dead and blind. But, some weak Christians have fallen into Satan's trap as well. What are these instruments of chaos? Critical race theory, white privilege, and intersectionality Satan's trinity of deception. 

It is ironic that good meaning Christians, who have sincere hearts to eliminate racism, use Satan's instruments out of foolishness. Should not Christians who know the deception of Satan and the flesh be slow to adopt the ideas of the world? Is not the Bible sufficient to equip us for every good work? Fighting the sin of racism seems like a good work; therefore, the Scriptures are all we need. Critical race theory, white privilege, and intersectionality are not found in the Bible. Christian, do not miss the gravity of your error. If you use these instruments, you are in a highly dangerous place. Repent, and run back to the Bible which renews your mind to see the foolish ways of the world. 

Before you think I am out of my mind in my rebuke, let me explain the destructive characteristics of white privilege. First, white privilege, by definition, is racism; it is merely hiding in the other ditch. The racism we are familiar with can be defined as treating a fellow human as inferior because of their race. White privilege racism is treating a fellow human as higher or "privileged" because of their race. Both make stereotypical claims on the grounds of race that are invalid. For the black man in 1950's America: he was not allowed to drink from the same fountain as a white man. He was not allowed to sit in the same seats on the bus as the white man. He was not allowed the same education. He was not allowed equal job opportunities. This racism, because of man's wicked heart, led to the brutal murder of many black individuals. God hates that. 

For the white man today: his thoughts and ideas are diminished because of his inherent white biases. His voice is invalid because of his privilege. Everything he says is hate speech and racist. He is called a Nazi. He is called a white-supremacist. His voice is suppressed on social media outlets and youtube. He is kicked off of college-campuses because of his beliefs. He is not allowed to voice his opinion. Everything he has, regardless of how he got it, is attributed to his white skin color. He could have been born a homeless orphan, passed from foster home to foster home and sexually abused. He could have somehow cleaned his life up, went to school, graduated, went to college, graduated again, started a business on his own, and developed his wealth. But, someone sees him driving a nice car and automatically, racistly, assumes his wealth was simply obtained because of his white privilege. We are nearing the point where this type of racism will lead to brutal violence and even murder. I just watched a video from Minneapolis of a group of black men beating a white man nearly to death for no justifiable reason.

Once we view white privilege from a Christian perspective, the satanic deception becomes clear as day. The Christian should have nothing to do with the idea of white privilege. Undoubtedly, It will distract from valid, eternal pursuits; it will distract from the Gospel. Here is why. To label anything or anyone as possessing privilege is to automatically assume this life is all that there is. Indeed, if this life is all there is, then it would seem unfair and unjust for people to have easier access to temporal opportunities and privileges. However, Christianity is built on the truth that this life is but a vapor compared to the next. Christians are those who live for the next life, not this one. 

The so-called privileges of this world have nothing to do with the next life. For instance, does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with bandaids that match my skin color? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with how easy it is for me to purchase a home? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with the wealth of my family? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with getting a job? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with access to hair products? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with where I was born? Does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with my ability to see people of my same race represented in newspapers and magazines? Finally, does my entrance into heaven have anything to do with the color of my skin? No. To be concerned with white privilege is to indirectly emphasize these so-called privileges as though they are the supreme experiences. It, again, is worldly and not Christian.  

Furthermore, what is considered a privilege in this life is often a distraction and a source of temptation to live for this life because this life defines the privilege. Often, a comfortable life can keep a person blinded to their need for a savior. The Christian, unequivocally, has the greatest privilege. They have eternal life and every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. The privilege of the Christian is eternal, spiritual, and heavenly. It is not of this world. White privilege is a worldly privilege. Again, the Christian should not get involved with the ideas and worries of the world. Indeed, I have certain temporal privileges, but they have nothing to do with my eternal life in Christ. Besides, I cannot control these privileges; I am born into them because of my skin color. This means they are not inherently sinful, thus, to feel shame for them would be misplaced and sin. 

As a Christian, do I not fully believe that God predetermined when I would be born, who I would be born to, where I would be born, the color of my skin, my sex as male, and many other details? Since God made me a white male, to feel shame for this is greatly dishonoring to God. We are called to be grateful for what God has given us. White privilege does not promote a heart of gratitude.

The apostle Paul is a perfect example of a man who saw his privileges as gifts to glorify God. White privilege was not a concept during the first century. However, Roman citizens had tremendous privilege during Roman rule. Paul was born a Roman citizen. He did not see this as something to be ashamed of nor something to deny. In one instance, he used his Roman citizenship to get out of jail and escape torture. That is a privilege Paul had no problem using. Paul understood that God had preordained Paul's citizenship to be used to further the Gospel and build His kingdom. 

Roman citizenship is not a privilege we would recognize today. Privilege is relative. Thus, it is very likely that in two hundred years, some other ethnicity or group will be considered the privileged ones. Therefore, for those of us who are white and deemed "privileged," if there truly is a privilege, such as Paul's Roman privilege, then we must see it as a preordained gift of God that must be stewarded faithfully for His glory, His Gospel, and His kingdom, not as a way to demean or diminish other image-bearers of God. 

Finally, white privilege distracts from the seriousness of sin. The call for all Christians is the same put off the old self with its dead desires, and put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge. There is no ethnic or minority group qualifier for that command. To identify with a minority group, in this country, is to be considered a victim. Victim status implies innocence. The last thing people need to believe is that they are innocent before a holy God. God does not look at your ethnicity or minority identity when He judges you, He looks at your sin. No amount of intersectionality can cover up the wickedness of an unrighteous heart. 

Imagine how foolish you would look on judgment day, standing before your creator as He asks you to give an account of your life. You say, "Well, I was able to identify with this many minority groups, and all were victims of injustice." God would respond, "Did I not create you to worship me? Did I not provide for you my son to pay for your sin? Can your intersectionality atone for your sin? Why did you let these worldly ideas distract you from me? Your sin is still on your shoulders; thus, you will pay for it by spending an eternity in the lake of fire." You respond, “But God, many Christians preached the importance of social justice, intersectionality, and group identity, should I not have listened to them?" God responds, "Who made man the voice of truth? Did I not provide my very word in the Scriptures to guide you and lead you into truth? Many of those who professed faith, but taught these fleshy ideas were wolves in sheep's clothing, and they will be judged harsher than you. Some are indeed my children, but their labor-in-vain ideas will go unrewarded, and they will be least of all in the kingdom of heaven." 

White privilege is a Satanic lie. Racism is real. It goes both ways. All sin is individually manifested. Thus, if we want to fight against racism, we must focus on the individual. Group identity is pointless in this pursuit. Each heart must be regenerated to put off the old self with its dead desires, and put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge. Regeneration only happens through the proclamation of the Gospel message. Christians are the only ones with the true means to defeat sin and evil. Christians must be impartial to sin. All sin, whether homosexuality or racism, must be killed. It is killed not with weapons of this world, but with the spiritual weapons that defeat spiritual forces. The Gospel and the Word of God are these weapons. Let us use them with confidence and power.